First Electric Motor by REM Put into Commercial Operation

Date of publication: 26 June 2019

Russian Electric Motors (REM) has put its first electric motor into commercial operation.

A three-phase explosion-proof electric motor with a capacity of 1,250 kW and a nominal voltage of 6 kV was mounted at the request of Transneft Druzhba.

A 700 hour-long pilot operation was followed by signing of an acceptance certificate, and the electric motor was put into commercial operation at the Sosedka line operation dispatcher station (LODS) in Penza Region.

The initial commercial operation results confirmed the design and technical specifications of the electric motor, including its 96.2% efficiency factor. Electric motors manufactured by REM are similar to global best practices in terms of technical specifications and energy efficiency performance.

For reference:

Joint-Stock Company "RUSSIAN ELECTRIC MOTORS" (REM, JSC), a high-voltage electric motors manufacturer, was established in October 2015 in Chelyabinsk , with the participation of Transneft (51%), CONAR (49%) and Italian partners, as part of Transneft’s import substitution effort to provide for manufacture of high-voltage electric motors in the Russian Federation.

REM’s plant manufacturing high-voltage electric motors was launched in October 2018.  The plant has the full cycle of electric motor production implemented, including manufacture of components, assembly and product testing. The plant’s target estimated volume of production of high-voltage electric motors for main pump units and booster units will be up to 300 pieces per year with the capacity up to 14 megawatts, allowing for expanding the product range to 45 megawatts